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The FISHING in Strängsforsen and in the Klar-river further South is unique for streamliving fish like trout, grayling and salmon. Strängsforsen is the only stream in the Klar-river not used for electricity works. In the surrondings of Strängsforsen there are many ponds, rivers and brooks in the middle of the wilderness - but you may go there by car. Here are marvelous nature adventures as well as lots of trout, perch and pike - and in the winter also charr. See special page about FISHING.  

RAFTING, CANOE and KAYAK in Strängsforsen and towards the South is very suitable for whitewater training and for beginners - it is not too wild. In the surrondings there are lake- and riversystems where you can make trips in the wilderness of up to 40km.

On the Klar-river itself you can if fact go several hundred kilometers. See special page RAFTING, CANOE and KAYAK.

WALKING, SKIING, BICYCLING, and CARTRIPS hundereds of kilometres in the wilderness is possible around Strängsforsen. The forests have many roads used for forestry but they are open for cars also. The area is so huge that roads are not crowded and you feel you are in the wilderness even if the roads are there. Cross country skiing in the virgin snow or along prepared slopes is a great adventure. Strängsforsen is located in between - and not far from - the 4 wellknown skiing centres Branäs, Sälen, Trysil and Långberget. See special page WALKING, SKIING, BICYCLING, and CARTRIPS.

You can have many OTHER NATURE ADVENTURES in Finnskogen around Strängsforsen. There are animals, birds, butterflies, berries and mushrooms. See special page OTHER NATURE ADVENTURES.

There are OTHER ADVENTURES from local culture, museum and galleries as well as performances which can be very interesting even if you do not understand the language. Especially for Sweden are the many farmauctions and jumble sales. See special page OTHER ADVENTURES.


Strängsforsen is located in middle of Sweden in the Nothern part of the Klar-river valley, North in Värmland, North in Torsby Kommune, ca. 20km from Norway, ca. 65 km from Trysil and Sälen. Nearest villages are Höljes and Sysslebäck.  It is in the middle of the huge forest called Finnskogen. See specialpage  WHERE IS STRÄNGSFORSEN.

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  STRÄNGSFORSEN and the area around Höljes / Sysslebäck